Frequently Asked Questions

1) "How do I make sure that the cheat works?"

- Watch videos on our YouTube channel -

2) "For how many days is the cheat sold?"

— All purchase options are listed in the products -

3) "Can I test a cheat/spoofer?"

— There is no free and paid test and there will not be. Only purchase for the period that is offered in the products.

4) "Why don't you have 1-day subscriptions, free tests?"

— There are no tests and subscriptions for a short period of time to maintain the security of the cheat. A large number of users can lead to detection.

5) "What are the guarantees that you will not throw me?"

— Our VK community, website and YouTube channel have been around for more than two years. We work officially through Russian banks with a Central Bank license and pay sales taxes to the Russian budget. Therefore, Russian laws and law enforcement agencies are the guarantor of our integrity.

In the VK community, you can read customer reviews.

6) "Does the cheat really work?"

— The cheat works 100% on Windows 10 with the necessary drivers.

7) "If my cheat doesn't work?"

— If you have the Windows 10, but the cheat doesn't work, I will provide the necessary help to make everything work.

8) "I will not be banned?"

— It depends on your game. On Uran, there is a guarantee that you will not get a ban when playing with our config.

9) "If I get banned on FaceIT, will I get a VAC ban?"

— No.

9) "How many people have already bought the cheat?"

— For 2 years of sales of more than 2500 people.

10) "Can I play with this cheat in MM, on other leagues?"

- You can play anywhere.

11) "Do you play with this cheat yourself?"-

- Mostly for video only.

12) "Send me the proofs of your cheat/spoofer's work"-

— I won't send you anything. All information about our software is available on the website, in the VK community and on the YouTube channel. No additional proofs are provided.

13) "Were there any cheat detections?"

— The first versions in 2018 were. Now premium cheat and Uran - Undetected.

14) "Can I get a discount or a free cheat? I'll bring you 5 friends"

We don't have a bring a friend - get a bonus system, so no.

15) "Why do you have such low prices for cheats for FaceIT?"

— At a high price (for example, 500$), it is not a fact that at least someone will risk buying software. And at a price of 36$, they buy from us regularly, and often extend it next month.

16) "Why aren't your cheats detected?"

If we delve into the technical component, we use a type of reading the game's memory that can not be detected by any anti-cheat, the cheat is launched through our own driver, which is loaded with the start of Windows before the anti-cheat is launched. FaceIT would only be able to detect our cheat if they received its source code, but they are securely protected by one-way encryption. Therefore, even if they buy a cheat, they will not get access to the source code.